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I have not blogged on this site  in quite  a while. That said, you might be thinking that I’ve given up blogging altogether. Well I haven’t. I just don’t blog the way I used to. In this blog, I’m going to discuss a topic that is very personal to me, and should be very personal to you as well. Recently, The American Atheists have been putting up billboards putting into question whether the Christmas season is valid or not. I can say right now as a believer in Jesus Christ that Christmas is a holiday in which we should all treasure. Atheism is, of course, a man-made so-called religion that rejects anything and everything that is Christian-based. Why on Earth should Christians submit to people that have no faith by having to drive by billboards on the highway. Something isn’t right, and I know right from wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I used to be a non-believer. I used to do things that Christians don’t do, but that was before I became a Christian. Since then, everything has changed. I’m not saying that don’t mess up every once in a while, because I still do. I just don’t sin like I did in the past. I’m not here to give my testimony or throw in a sermon, but if I could maybe that’s what worldly people need. Because I shouldn’t have to go around places and see billboards suggesting that there is no God when there is proof to the contrary. And neither should you!

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