Now you may say God is good,
yet I just can’t help but to differ,
for that God is not good,
but He is greater than good.
Greater than great, I may add,
because there are no words
that can accuarately describe
how great our God really is.
You can thumb through the pages
of all the dictionaries out there,
and you can thumb through the pages
of all the versions of the Bible,
and you can still not locate
that perfect word out there,
the one which describes God
in the truest possible meaning.
You can’t do it. I can’t do it.
All we can say is that God is great,
and He does great things for us
all the time, every time.

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(Inspired by the friends from the Christian Motorcyclists Association)

It may smell like freedom to certain people,
but it wasn’t meant to be taken lightly.
Movies may depict bikers as being a group
of hellraisers stirring up all sorts of trouble.
But rest assured, it’s not always the case.
The bike, the creation, and the use of it,
was a gift from God, meant to reach out
to people on the other side of the fence.
Its purpose is to minister the incarcerated,
win back lost souls, and to make this world
a better place now than it was before.
With two wheels, wonders can be easily made.

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This is the last hole.
I’ve finally made it.
The end of a journey has come
from walking down long fairways,
negotiating steep roughs, bunkers,
and the occasional gusting wind,
in the hopes of getting on the green,
and acing it with the first putt.

Living for immortality
was something I had always dreamed of.
But now, as I watch the ball
slowly rolling into the cup,
no longer do I feel satisfied
in pleasing the roaring crowd.
Instead, the thought of giving everything
I had, either on my best day,
or on the worst, to please God
and to thank Him for all that He has done
gives me much greater joy
than any trophy or any award I’ll ever win.

Because without God, there is no golf!

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I have traveled many different roads,
and I took on many different obstacles
to be the person I wanted to be in life.

But there is only one way possible
for us to truly live a good life now
and an even better one in the next.

And that way is through a Man
who didn’t need a Rolls Royce to drive
or an expensive mansion in which to live.

All He needed was a group of followers
to believe in the wisdom He possessed.
Maybe that follower can be you.

All the money that you have, and all the goods
that money will bring pale in what Jesus can do
if you let Him into your life.

He will wash you, and He will cleanse you,
and He will make you a whole new person.
I’ve made that decision. How about you?

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You loved me, Lord.
You loved me,
even when I didn’t love You,
even when I didn’t care for You,
even when I went on my own
and did whatever I wanted
just to please myself,
when I could’ve cared less
of what people thought of me.

You were there for me, Lord.
You were there
when I didn’t think I needed You,
and You loved me
more than anyone else did.
And that is why I’m still around
so I could love You, Lord,
and so I could take my past
and lay them onto You
and leave it there forever
and ever and ever.

Because You loved me, Lord,
and You still love me,
and I love You!

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I’ve made a choice, Satan.
I’ve made a choice.
I don’t need you
in dominance over my life.
You’ve had me for so long,
and now I’ve had it
with what you have to offer.
You’ve made me believe
in the notion
that “bigger is better”,
well let me tell you
what I know
is bigger and better.

I’ve made a choice, Satan.
I’ve made a choice,
and that choice is Jesus.
He’s the one who provides glory
to those that follow Him.
If I want something good,
I’ll reach for the wisdom
He has in store,
because that will satisfy me
more so than any worldly good
that makes you happy.

I’ve made a choice, Satan.
I’ve made a choice.
I don’t need you.
I don’t want to know you.
I’ve got my own God,
and my God is good,
and that’s all I’ll ever need!

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If something happens to me (whether its sooner or later) I want this epitaph on my grave. Thank you!

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Having woke up early this morning (and I mean real early), I basically had too much time on my hands. Having read the famous six-word short story (supposedly by Ernest Hemingway) I made a point to come up with something even shorter. With near-sighted vision (20-25), and without wearing my glasses, I still managed to take a close read at the five important elements of a short story (characters, setting, plot, conflict, theme), and I’m pretty sure I covered them all. In just five words. Here it is:

In bed, struggling, he succumbs.

If this is not the shortest short story that would qualify as a short story I honestly don’t know what is. Personally, I’ve read links to “stories” with a word count of three or four words. But all of them seem to make no sense. So if that ain’t the world’s shortest short story, tell me what is.

A.J. Chilson

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I have not blogged on this site  in quite  a while. That said, you might be thinking that I’ve given up blogging altogether. Well I haven’t. I just don’t blog the way I used to. In this blog, I’m going to discuss a topic that is very personal to me, and should be very personal to you as well. Recently, The American Atheists have been putting up billboards putting into question whether the Christmas season is valid or not. I can say right now as a believer in Jesus Christ that Christmas is a holiday in which we should all treasure. Atheism is, of course, a man-made so-called religion that rejects anything and everything that is Christian-based. Why on Earth should Christians submit to people that have no faith by having to drive by billboards on the highway. Something isn’t right, and I know right from wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I used to be a non-believer. I used to do things that Christians don’t do, but that was before I became a Christian. Since then, everything has changed. I’m not saying that don’t mess up every once in a while, because I still do. I just don’t sin like I did in the past. I’m not here to give my testimony or throw in a sermon, but if I could maybe that’s what worldly people need. Because I shouldn’t have to go around places and see billboards suggesting that there is no God when there is proof to the contrary. And neither should you!

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I can write poems,
I can write lots of poems.
But poems can only go
as far as the pen will travel,
for when the ink runs out
so will the poem.

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